Doing Brainstorming? Why? When?

8 Rules To Get the best out of it!

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I remember my university time -when a professor asks “anyone wants to add an idea ?” Most students were intimidated, by others’ reactions toward their idea. When I learned about #brainstorming I felt I had an invincible tool to ideate and innovate solutions with confidence.

The Ultimate rule is that every idea is worth it, so never hesitate to share it.

Brainstorming is a great way to generate enormous ideas. The goal of brainstorming is to leverage the collective thinking of the group, by engaging with each other, listening, and building on other ideas.

Conducting a brainstorm also creates a distinct segment of time when you intentionally turn up the generative part of your brain and turn down the evaluative part. Brainstorming is the most frequently practiced form of ideation.


Brainstorming is not just a process you use when you need to come up with a design solution, but it is also a way to get more closer to your team and unleash unexpected skills. Great leaders allow their team to think and participate in decision making but directing questions to your team as “ Please give us your idea ?” will put them in pressure ! allowing 30 minutes brainstorming will warm up the active vibes between your teams and helps in planning where to do empathy work thinking about product and services related to your project.

IDEO Brainstorming Session

8 Rules To Get The Most Out of Brainstorming Sessions.

1- Set a Time Limit

Brainstorming can take around 15–60 minutes. It can be shorter or longer. The facilitator has to be intentional about setting a time frame. In this time frame, it’s the sole goal to come up with as many ideas as possible.

“Invest energy into a short period of time, such as 15 or 30 minutes of high engagement. Get in front of a whiteboard or around a table, but take an active posture of standing or sitting upright. Get close together.”

–, Bootcamp Bootleg

2- Start with a problem statement, Point of View, How Might We question, a plan or a goal — and stay focused on the topic.

To make sure you get lots of ideas during the time frame you set-up, address a specific question or problem statement. Begin with a good problem statement or question. Design Thinkers and other ideation specialists have further developed this approach into the art of framing problem statements via methods. Specifically, these are “How Might We” questions.

3- Avoid judgment or criticism, including non-verbal

The main goal is to encourage each-other to ideate, there is no bad idea facilitator should always set a positive, unthreatening tone and tell participants to reserve criticism for a later critical stage in the ideation process. A Brainstorming session is not the time and the place to evaluate ideas, and you should avoid execution details. It’s important that participants feel confident. Focus on creating equal opportunities for all participants.

4-Embrace crazy ideas

Out-Of-The-Box ideas can often give rise to creative leaps. In thinking about ideas that are wacky or out there we tend to think about what we really want without the constraints of technology or materials. We can then take those magical possibilities and perhaps invent new technologies to deliver them.”OpenIDEO, 7 Tips on Better Brainstorming

5-Aim for quantity

The more ideas your team will generate, the more chances you are working toward a solution. The more you are able to select the most voted idea.

6-Build on each others’ idea

Some of the participants’ ideas might trigger others in the team. Encourage team members to build on each other's ideas. Boost them to say ‘and’ instead of ‘but’.

7-Be visual

Use colorful markers and sticky notes. Allow participants to express their ideas the way they feel comfortable. sketch? yea it could be a sketch even if participants don’t know how to perfectly sketch. Getting the idea out of their minds the way they prefer.

8-One conversation at a time

Allow time for other participants to speak and elaborate on each other’s ideas. Don’t get obsessed with your own ideas. Remember the main goal is to ideate together. When all team members have presented their ideas, you can select the best ideas, which you can continue to build and elaborate on in other ideation sessions.

Viima Tool- The best tool for ideation and voting on ideas.

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