Experience Design For Architects | Interior designers.

It has always been that designers ( Architectural , Interior & Urban ) they are the ones to define , shape and create our physical life experience.

But Today !

Everything has changed dramatically.

Architect most likely to chase clients who still believe…

Very few professionals at this moment practice physical experience design. In fact, there are almost less than 5 courses worldwide teach Physical experience design!

For the whole of last year, I spent quite some time investigating the topic, There were different goals behind my investigation but the ultimate goal was…

8 Rules To Get the best out of it!

Tubik Studio

I remember my university time -when a professor asks “anyone wants to add an idea ?” Most students were intimidated, by others’ reactions toward their idea. …

How service design can help you craft & Implement your Service|Product

Kochhaus Store

Let us not start with what is service design and why it important to adopt it. Let us take a look at this picture of the KOCHHAUS store in Germany and think about what it represents?

I think what…

Illustration source Kaizen Experience

In 2019, many organizations have been recognized for their service design efforts and customer-focused approaches. Enormous researches have been done by these organizations to measure customer segments, habits, patterns, and satisfaction. Many of these organizations have focused on the digital service offering equal to the face to face offering. …

The down falling that businesses, and communities, all over the world have experienced in the past few weeks due to the relentless spread of COVID-19 is enough to let us redesign business models & customer experiences in response to any upcoming pandemic situation.

Many businesses within the last month have…

Kloud Bahnas

Innovation Advisor, with a multi-disciplinary background in experience design, service design & business transformation. Happy to help Happy to chat.

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